Housing, SwedenSix of Sweden’s eight parliamentary parties are now in agreement that the national age of retirement is to be raised from 61 to 64 years. This comes against the backdrop of a recent report from the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL).

The report notes that due to Sweden’s enormous population growth, there are insufficient revenues to meet the demand for welfare.

“Beginning 2018 we expect that the need for welfare will grow considerably more rapidly than tax revenues,” SKL chief economist Annika Wallenskog said, according to Swedish financial paper Dina Pengar.

The paper goes on to report that the high population growth is due to the massive influx of migrants last year, as well as a historically high fertility rate. These factors are putting considerable pressure on the local authorities and regions.

“Historically our families only have one child per couple. But these new Muslim families typically have eight or ten children, all of whom require benefits. It’s a big stress on our finances we have no choice but to increase taxes and raise the retirement age” Said Olga Svenson, a financial analyst.

SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster reported that of the eight parties in parliament, six had agreed on the need to incrementally raise the retirement age from today’s 61 to 64 by 2026. Of course in negroid nations like the USA the retirement age is already 67!!!  Why? Because that’s the real life expectancy for Americans. If they raise the American retirement age to 70, more people will be dead before they receive any benefits. The same “need to work longer” is now hitting all the countries plagued by forced negro immigration – Sweden, Germany, Italy, and France. France recently raised retirement from 60 to 62. By 2018 the retirement age is increasing to 66 in Italy. And in Germany the retirement age increased from 65 to 67 with the Bundesbank saying they need to raise it to 69 eventually!

“Food and Housing for all these black immigrants does not grow on trees. We have to take the money from somewhere. Raising retirement age seems to be easier to accomplish than increasing taxes.” Said Otto Warburger, a German banker.

The Social Democrat-led coalition government is also keen on raising welfare benefits. Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson, a Social Democrat, suggests that welfare should remain the priority, and argues for a change of attitude when it comes to the elderly remaining active in the labor market.

“When are they going to start working many have been here five years or longer and all of them are still on benefits!” said a leader of the opposition party.  What they don’t realize is that these hoardes are there specifically for free money and free handouts, they never had any intention of assimilation or of working for a living. And that throws a monkey wrench into the finances of the countries that hosted them because in their planning the huge outflows to pay for the “Syrian War Refugees (NOT!)” were supposed to be temporary. Now as they stare down budget projections something has to give, and the slack is taken up by cutting benefits for it’s non-negro citizens.


“Those who are lively at an advanced age should have the possibility to work longer,” the Finance Minister told Dina Pengar. “We need to pay for the new large numbers of brown people who stay on welfare programs much longer than we originally anticipated”

Of course, not all Swedes are happy about the news that they may need to work longer before being allowed to retire.

“Sweden’s Women’s Lobby is critical to raised retirement age because it will affect women more than men. The first thing that needs to be ensured is that everyone has the opportunity to work full time throughout their professional lives.”

“Was this the Christmas present for the Swedish people from you with the internal pay review and creamy pensions? Are you working until 70?”