The Amtrack Seattle to Portland 80MPH train, an advancement of 15 minutes in travel time over the old slow 50 mile an hour trains, crashed on its maiden voyage killing six as nearly every car flew off the tracks on a curved section over a highway.

One wonders, was the driver asleep? Is there something about driving a train that’s so boring that drivers keep falling asleep? There is no reason in this modern age that on vicious curves there can’t be a broadcast fail safe system which tells the train to slow down.

One advantage of the cable-jet system is you don’t need to build expensive track, just towers every mile. And more importantly, the driver is much more engaged with the flight, keeping them awake. They can go left, right, up, down, and slow down for towers. Automatic tower beacons would be used to Auto-slow.

But the cable-jet can’t get funded because well.. theres zero money for research and the venture world has become low risk. There’s simply no way to get money. It will take a city like Houston, which flooded out, to demonstrate that this is the future. It would have kept a transport system running in flood areas. Towers would have to be built extra tough to survive hurricanes!

Every other civilized nation on earth has 200MPH trains.  But in America, it’s 50 miles an hour. That’s our top speed on crumbling crap freight train tracks. And theres no money to build new tracks because the land is too expensive. We cannot use trains.

Maybe the new vertical take off cargo planes will be point to point transport that doesn’t require airports, but there is so much air traffic it’s hard to see how that might work, but it could.

We need innovation. Instead we get more billions for war. sigh. Good by America, you once were a leading nation, now you are a third world hell. Population is destiny.