darkest hour

Another lie about WWII. Another LIE championing Churchill. Hitler was trying to save Europe from absolute takeover by the communists. Churchill didn’t care, wouldn’t stop fighting Hitler even after Hitler let the british army go at Dunkirk even after 18 offers for peace, unconditional offers. Churchill was a mad dog raving lunatic. This movie is a total lie. The defeat of Hitler was a loss for humanity. Hitler saved his people from an occupying army, from starvation, from rape. And the bankers. He threw out the bankers. And the WHOLE WORLD was amassed against him. The Americans gave billions of dollars and supplies to RUSSIA!

Churchill refusal to accept peace even after Hitler sent his Beloved Hess with a letter of peace. Instead Churchill locked up Hess in solitary, refused to let the offer of peace get out in the press, and 50 years later they Hung Hess.

So don’t waste your dollars or time on another lie about WWII. See the links above for the TRUTH about WWII.