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It’s Christmas. The unsold Jedi toys are gathering dust on the shelves. BurgerMeister MeisterBurger, the evil town villian that Santa Claus must face strictly forbids toys for children. Get back to work!

and I’m watching it and thinking, this guy is THE drill sargent these wimped out millenials need to listen to. NO iPad for YOU!! Get a JOB!

If only it weren’t for those christmas stockings to hide the toys in.

All those tin soldiers melt them down! The ballerinas who pirouette ARREST their musical toes! Let it be known throughout the land from sea to sea the’ll be no more toy makers to the king!

It’s priceless. “It’s a difficult responsibility”  That’s the message these millenials need to hear. “When a child objects we BOP EM!”

I’m likin this guy more and more. A good dose of Christmas love for Millenials.

Wasn’t Miss Jessica a hottie? She makes those soldiers stand ERECT! (again this innocent age the language was not a big deal at all!)

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And what about that song “If you sit on my lap today, a kiss a toy is the price you’ll pay” sounds like Harvey Weinstein if you ask me!

Santa Claus is coming to town is THE movie to watch this christmas, free on Youtube. No not frosty, not Rudolf. This is the one. It has the real lessons.

“If whenever you take, you give a little back

Then whoever you love, will give a little love back”

This is the Trump Tax Cuts! Am I wrong? Oh Trump you heart of gold, you take 45% of my income but now… 2 % back!

It’s more like the cucks hopes and dreams on the bitchy abusive Queen bee they covet. sorry guy’s it’s not true. Especially not in divorce rape courts!

and of course the best is the official no toy decree, under which it’s signed “NO KIDDING” JUST LIKE THE DEMOCRATS!

“You are obviously a NON CONFORMIST and a REBEL” screams MeisterBurger. aka Nancy Pelosi. Democrats are all about conformity and following. That’s the meat in a social justice warrior sandwich.

I love the Russian stereotype of the BurgerMeister who is supposed to be German? Officially ” He is the grouchy, fun-loathing mayor and essential dictator of Sombertown: a mountainous Germanic town located near Tanta Kringle’s home.”

The BurgerMeister is voiced by Paul Frees, the man with a thousand voices, except, he uses the exact same voice as Boris Badinov from Bullwinkle, guess he only had one voice”

And don’t forget the Winter Warlock – “My Icy Heart is Melting!”

What a STORY! Today it would be made with a fat asian chic and a black guy who rather than giving out toys would talk about their social justice oppression and the oppression of  the casino planet ” err wait thats that OTHER christmas movie.

The Claus wedding is done in the presence “of the lord” as no town would have them. Can you imagine that overt religious-ness being allowed today!

And of course, can you guess who is the voice of Santa Claus in this one? You’ll be blown away.

so watch some real christmas this year, you wont regret it even if youre a meister-burger.