Model E Stp (Circumcised)

I’m sorry but my penis is NOT a double able to bang a chic up the puss and the butt at the same time. But that’s how FEMINISTS pushing the tranny agenda seem to think a penis is supposed to look like. What the hell!

It’s from the   tranny shop for little children, and helps them “stand to pee” as well as bang a pussy and a ass at the same time.

Sorry, while we fully support ADULTS who pursue gender transition, this “packie” fake penis thing is found OFTEN in the militant lesbian anti-man butch bull dyke horrors.  If you are a M2F you do not walk around with a “fake vagina” rubber prosthetic why are these lesbians so penis obsessed?

The surgery to create an artificial penis simply is not there, costs over 100 thousand dollars, destroys the nerves so it cannot feel like a real clitoris or frenum, and is all about being able to fuck something.  that’s horrific. That’s not at all like what M2F trans sexed people experience. Many would argue that while the ability to have sex as a female is nice, its not the be-all and end all goal of the procedure, instead it’s to be complete.

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Which makes me think clearly there is a HUGE INTRUSION of pro butch dyke hate being female hate being feminine psychos pushing this gross agenda. And lil trans kid probably doesn’t have a clue that this is what they are actually promoting.

Another crazy thing you see is when trans men get phalloplasty, they insist on having foot long penises. That’s crazy! Men don’t have foot long penises. TransWomen don’t insist on GG sized breasts! What is wrong with these people! Even a six inch penis is longer than average, whats wrong with six inches? Nope, foot, foot and a half is all that they want. Some are even asking for TWO FOOT long penises!

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Or some like the super thick model? Would any woman want that crammed inside her?

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