Trumpy was right. Who are these bozos? Italy? Germany voted against us? Why!


Time for these bastards to taste a bit of dollar dicipline.  Iceland voted against us? WTF?

For those living under a rock, this is the vote of disdain over the US supporting Israel moving its capital to Jerusalem and formally moving the embassy there as well.

It’s a funny list of friends, TOGO, Guatemala, Palau. Vanuatu abstained. As did Poland, Phillipines and Romania.

Panama didn’t dive into this shit and neither did Canada.

Iraq voted against us? Iraq!

The rich fucks in Monaco voted against us as well.

There is one solution. End foreign aid to all these countries, there should be a bill on Trumps desk within the week.

And cut the money to the UN.  It’s a debate club, not a world changing society.  Let’s cut it by half. Too many dumb programs to encourage overbreeding in Africa.