They enter the malls with large duffel bags. Gangs of three or four black women.  A few minutes at Sacks or JC Pennies and they have stuffed those bags with thousands and thousands of dollars in high end merchandise.  Then they run for the doors and pepper spray anyone who tries to get in their way.  It’s happening across America – the malls have become the “free” stores because in the black mindset white racism means they deserve absolutely everything they can get their gibsmedat hands on.

It’s the same in grocery stores. As Section 8 housing integrates blacks into the neighborhood the thefts from the stores increase until the stores closes. Then the blacks complain about “food deserts”

Already on welfare or disability, these shoplifters can bring in another $4000 a month in tax free money. And normally, no one ever stops them. Even security guards back down after a pepper spray.  Like a bank robbery, a getaway car is often waiting.

When will we fight back for America? When will we make sure these fat assed pigs get the years in jail they deserve.  It’s time to stand up.

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This Tampa Shoplifter on the run wears a T-Shirt which brazenly states “Won’t Be Caught” well.. she was right!

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Highland mall in Austin Texas closed recently. Here is some footage from its last days. Notice the store owners pulling down the gates as swarms of blacks pass by!