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Real black education – Dis is de Whappa, Dis is de special sauce. But I digress. Today I share a letter from a reader who lived through black integration.  CheapBastard lays out some real truth.



Sit down…shut up, and pay attention. NoPension is about to educate yo ass.

I’m a white male..55 yo. From Baltimore, no less. I’ve lived it.

When I attended elementary school, it was 100% white. It was NOT discrimination. We went to school where we lived..and no ” blacks ” lived in my neighborhood.  In the mid seventies there was a push to de-segregate. “They ” started busing in black kids from other neighborhoods. They wanted to send me to a black neighborhood, but my dad saw that get squashed. I went to middle school in Locust Point..within walking distance of Ft.McHenry. There where fights every day over this. Three weeks in, 13 yo me got kicked in the teeth by a nigger who opened the back door of an MTA bus as it went by. Good shot he got in..I still have the scar. Dad came to get me..and ended up getting arrested that night…he got into an argument with the school’s nigger security guard..who told him he wasn’t allowed on school property. Dad’s buddy drove me home. I remember it took six cops to get dad in the paddy wagon. ( ultimately, the judge threw out the case) Anyhow, dad told me no more school. Truant officials came to the house…and the second time dad told them to go fuck off…he said bring reinforcements next time…it’s getting real. They never came back. I went to work with dad for 5 months or so…by then it calmed down. I got back into class, made up my work and passed exams…moved to 8 th grade. High school was a Catholic school, and I was graduated with honors….

Back to the problem….

Putting the black kids in class with the white kids..and expecting the same results, well I remember that. It was excuse after excuse…poverty, hunger, culture….blah, blah, blah.. anything but…they are not smart enough. So, what to do? Start making things easier. And easier…..and even easier. To the point where you didn’t even need to show up to get a diploma. And the white kids…and smarter black kids? Just sucked right down the same shithole system with the rest. If your folks have money…it’s off to private school. But…public schools…nah. They’ve been so dumbed down to make it “fair ” for the average 75 IQ boon….it doesn’t work for anybody anymore. And they STILL can’t even show up. What a fucked up society we have managed to devolve into. Boiled down to the lowest common denominator….your average African.

The black kids..overall…do not have “it”. They are not capable of being educated in the way we are and remember being educated. A few…maybe 10-20% can. But they are whittled down by peer pressure from the rest. When they where all in school together…segregated…these problems could be buried…and the graduates could get a job at the mill, Beth Steel, GM assembly, the Docks…etc. Labor type jobs, that paid a living wage. It worked.

Now…those jobs are gone. We are a ” high tech ” society…and every kid is told he/she needs to go to college to succeed. These black kids…except for a few…can’t do it. It’s not there. I saw it. It’s empirical today. Nobody will admit it.

Ponder this….why is ok for the NFL to be predominantly black…and for society to freely admit that blacks are superior athletes???  Why doesn’t society sat the NFL or NBA is racist, and needs to have an equal representation of Asians, Hispanics, whites and blacks?? Because that’s bullshit. Pro sports REQUIRES you prove yourself. Period. It’s the only way it works.

Meanwhile, the rest of society…to a person…knows blacks do not have the mental ability to be educated ( on average) but keep forcing them into positions of rank and authority that they have zero business being in.

Come on people…if it was possible…and I was wrong ( I’m not) it would be proven otherwise by now. It’s too important. But…we all know…at least for now, no one will admit the truth. It can’t be handled. But, how do solve a problem if you don’t properly identify it?

We need to come to grips with this. It’s not going away. It’s getting worse. Now…the flunky kids have come full circle…and they are the teachers and administrators.

Somebody prove me wrong.