Tyron S. Stapleton

Apparently being in the same place and talking to a black man is “making moves” in the mind of a black man thirsty for 13 year old pussy.

An Omaha man charged Thursday with first-degree sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl suggested to police that it was the girl who “had made a move” on him.

Tyron S. Stapleton, 33, faces 20 years to life in prison if convicted. A Douglas County judge ordered Stapleton held on 10 percent of $24,000 bail, meaning he must pay $2,400 to be released from jail.

The girl, now 15, said during an interview at Project Harmony that Stapleton was living in her family’s north Omaha home when the assault occurred. The girl said Stapleton forced her to have sexual intercourse, according to an affidavit filed in Douglas County Court.

“The victim stated that she told him to stop and pushed (him) away but Stapleton responded, ‘It’s OK. It’s OK,’ ” a detective with the police department wrote. “The victim stated that it hurt during the incident and (she) told Stapleton to stop again, but Stapleton said, ‘It’s OK’ and put his hand over her mouth.”

According to the affidavit, Stapleton told police that he remembered living for two months in an upstairs bedroom at the girl’s home. Told that the girl had accused him of sexual assault, Stapleton said there was “more to the story” than the detective knew.

“If I was to come tell you that somebody made a move on me, who’s going to believe me?” he said. “The girl would follow me and follow me and follow me around.”