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Update: Trump seems to be waking up!

In a Sunday morning tweet, Trump declared the immigration talks to be failing: “DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don’t really want it, they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our Military.”


Frightening talks on Daca.

DACA cannot be implemented without :

1) removing the false interpretation of the 14th amendment. Children of Illegals are NOT citizens and get ZERO welfare handouts

2) Penalties for being in the US illegally need to become FELONIES with MANDATORY jail terms

3) The FRAUD in millions who claim DACA status will be uncontrollable. Will they verify school records with fingerprints before awarding? Will we build a database to prevent one persons records from being reused over and over again? Will we do dental exams to verify age?

4) Merit based immigration is on the right track, but will enable billions of Indians to flood in. We already have 8 million Indians taking our software jobs. How will you prevent our skilled workers from being disenfranchised?

5) If you get caught sneaking in you should NOT be released and NOT simply returned after a night of processing. At least 90 days in a detention facility with minimal food, no AC, and no television.

6) A general welfare policy that you cannot get aid until you have paid in. The more you pay in the more you can get. So the notion that you can simply enter into the US and get freebies once you spit out anchor babies will not work.

None of this is being talked about.