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Shahquaneesha got a full scholarship to college including a $500 a month stipend. She applied for food stamps as well and got $300 a month more.  Her International African Studies degree landed her a job with a non-profit UN funded organization and today she drives a brand new mercedes.

What’s happening is the new handout blacks cashing in large. After the free 200,000 bucks for farm loan discrimination (didnt ever have to be a farmer) and endless streams of affirmative action and jobs where no work is required, blacks are cha-CHINGing out and entering high society.

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A new porsche? Get two the government has a new program. That five pound gold chain, it’s yours you’ve earned it. You can throw a ball or run, so thats worth 20 million a year.

And if you want six or twenty chillins it’s no problem, the government will give you a few thousand dollars a month!

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