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Oh Reese Witherspoon, I know you had to reach middle age but seeing it is saddening. You were the bright perky bulbous happyness of youth in legally blonde. Now you’re just blonde.

Since we don’t have new good movies, we dont have new good stars. So seeing the aging of our old standby’s can seem a bit tragic.

Cameron Diaz wow-ed us with her body in Something about Mary and Charlies Angels. Now she’s just “something”

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Oh Pamela Anderson, from fox to MILF what can we say. You’ve still got something that wows. But now the drawn on eyebrows and blonde hair of youth seem terribly out of place. Go to brown, cut the locks to the shoulder, and get some eyebrows and you’ll look like a normal middle aged woman, not a woman struggling to look like a 30 year old.

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Scarlet Johansonn is 33! Thank goodness she is aging well what will we do when she milfs out? She’ll always have great teeth. Those swedish genes will always be seductive. In the end we still love our beauties of youth, even as they Farah out into the darkness.

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