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The vote passed in a 65 to 34 vote with bipartisan support, meaning quite a few members of the Democrats “resistance” ended up aligning with the hated Donald Trump.

Now it goes to Trump. Authorizing warrentless spying of American Citizens is a violation of the constitution, illegal, and horrific. Will Trump stand for it?

If Trump does sign this, it is a very grave statement on Trump. He will then be a sellout, a philanderer and a liar.

This is NOT a vote about national security. This is a vote about restoring the constitution. If Trump does not VETO this horror, then he is marching into history as a man AGAINST the US Constitution. It should tell him something that democrats support this.

US Senate votes 65 to 34 to reauthorize Section 702 FISA surveillance program through 2023; bill now goes to Trump to sign (colinlecher / The Verge) 

Senate passes bill to renew controversial NSA spying powers

The Senate has voted to reauthorize a controversial legal authority that enables vast government surveillance programs, including spying operations used by the NSA.