Image result for haiti shit hole2.1 % aids. Millions of people whose grandparents killed all the “Whiteys” and left themselves impoverished on purpose. Average IQ of a rock.  People who have proven time and time again they are INCAPABLE of building a modern society. Electricity. Sewage management. Skyscrapers. Trains. Haiti has shit on the streets.

Low IQ people with african genetics cannot build modern societies they simply infest them, like Johannesburg South Africa which has quickly become another ShitHole from what was once a streaming city.

From Mehico we take in tens of thousands who need new livers and kidneys or dialysis. Costing us millions nay billions in medical resources that could have gone to our citizens.

What wrong with taking in the LOSERS of the world? Becuase they simply become losers here, sucking on the sponge of welfare free education and free emergency room healthcare. WE mistakingly call there children citizens (where is trump on that issue?) and then they get 500 bucks a month for each poop they take.

Americans are more than disgusted at the browning of America. We have gone from a 90% Europanic nation to 70% and are on course, WITH NO MORE IMMIGRANTS COMING IN to lose the Europanic majority so that all cities become Detroit, by 2050.


Will these new dumb people pay for our generations social security? Already we have 92 Million not in the workforce.

No to brown immigration. And I say that having met several Kenyans who blew the pants over most american blacks. But we have enough blacks already. Almost 14% of our country, it used to be just 9% !!! They are on the welfare breeding program.

No we need to divert resources to help Europanic citizens afford children, not tax them to death to pay for Haitians and Umbangans and Bongobians.

Its gross to hear Trumpo talking so freely about amnewsy for the 18 million “DREAMERS”. Yah I have a dream too – no more fuckin immigrants.