Two generations of White Americans have spent their lives second in line for college entry, jobs and promotions thanks to legislation, Executive Orders and judicial rulings by the political Left.

Despite warnings from the Right that the proposed 1964 Civil Rights Act would lead to racial quotas, the bill was pushed through Congress by the thoroughly corrupt LBJ regime shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The far-left liberal Hubert Humphrey declared “that if anyone can find preferences or quotas in the language of the ’64 Civil Rights Act… he would start eating the pages one after another” as noted here.

While there may have been no specific language in that bill calling for quotas, it was inevitable that some sort of enforcement measure would arise, and knowing the liberals, the enforcement was going to be based on racial quotas.

One article notes “…Immediately after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal enforcement agency created by the Act, declared that the failure of an employer to have the same percentage of blacks in his workforce as existed in the general population was prima facie proof of racial discrimination under the Act. As a result of this regulatory fiat, the only way an employer could prove he wasn’t racially discriminating was to engage in racially proportional hiring. The era of racial preferences had begun.”

As if a federal agency mandating racial quotas wasn’t bad enough, the corrupt Lyndon Johnson passed an Executive Order to force this on the nation. An article on Affirmative Action (forced racial quotas) notes “On 24 September 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Executive Order 11246, thereby replacing Executive Order 10925 and affirming (the) Federal Government’s commitment “to promote the full realization of equal employment opportunity through a positive, continuing program in each executive department and agency”.[3] Affirmative action was extended to women by Executive Order 11375 which amended Executive Order 11246 on 13 October 1967, by adding “sex” to the list of protected categories. In the U.S. affirmative action’s original purpose was to pressure institutions into compliance with the nondiscrimination mandate of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

The most famous “reverse discrimination” case involved Allan Bakke. He was discriminated against in 1972 when a much less intelligent Black was admitted to medical school in his place. Bakke had to wait six years before he could get into a University of California medical school despite his excellent qualifications. The Black, Patrick Chavis, who was admitted in his place, went on to kill a woman with a botched liposuction operation.