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So the myth that the misfortune of Africa (and by extension all blacks) is solely due to whites will be getting some cinematic reinforcement. And as you might guess, the film’s main booster was Nate Moore, the sole black producer in Marvel’s film division. [The Man Who Put Marvel In The Blackby Kelley Carter, FiveThirtyEight, May 17, 2016]

The film is directed by Ryan Coogler, who directed a “black” Rocky spinoff with Creedwho also directed the anti-police film Fruitvale StationHilariously, Coogler visited Africa before principal photography began for…“accuracy”. [How Ryan Coogler took a deep dive into African culture to make Black Pantherby Josh Weiss, SyFy, December 28, 2017] And his “blackness” informs the whole project. [Why Marvel’s Black Panther Needs A Black Director, According To Ryan Coogler, by Adam Holmes, CinemaBlend, November 23, 2015]

Black producer—black director—an overwhelmingly black audience. As a marketing strategy, it may work, as the move is already outperforming all other MCU films in presales. [‘Black Panther’ outsells all Marvel films in first 24 hours of ticket presales, MarketWatch, January 10, 2018]

The truth is that everything blacks touch turns to shit and every city state or nation they “rule” becomes a shithole. Crime spirals out of control with murder and rapes eclipsing any Europanic society.  The sewage systems built by whites with “white man juju” get staffed by blacks who put on fancy suits and sit at desks all day and collect big pay checks for “working’ and then wonder why everything stops working. Those oil rich black nations will hire white contractors to fix things, and the less oil rich black nations just let everything fall back into the stone age.

And don’t forget the endless squabbling and wars even within countries as warlords vie for power and the free money from all the US billions in foreign aid.

No, Wakanda is a nice illusion for black people to feel better about themselves. The huge steaming stinking piles of shit in Libya and Calcutta tell the real story of the Africanized genes.