This is a huge disappointment and letdown for his supporters. While not a nominal issue for his campaign, warrentless searches of Americans authorized NSA spying by Obama, we all thought Trump would tighten up restrictions. But he hasn’t. Even after the FISA court themselves came out with their damning warning document that the court was being abused, even when we are just days away from confiming the Fusion GPS false dossier was used to authorize spying on Trump himself, sadly TRUMP has voted to go with congress and re-authorize the police state.

IS it really so surprising? Did we really think that Chelsea Mannings dump showing how much americans were being surveiled would make a difference. Americans are asleep, the news media did not cover it, and life goes on.

The revelations from the Snowden files are important when critically appraising claims that such powers will only be used on ‘terrorists’ outside the U.S. Pro Publica wrote regarding the Snowden files’ revelation that under the Obama Administration, the NSA was given massive powers of warrantless surveillance of American citizens’ internet traffic. To pretend ignorance regarding the reality behind the renewal of FISA 702 in the face of these facts is absurd.

That the NSA targets political dissidents and American citizens provides legitimate cause for concern over the passage of FISA reauthorization. The issue is compounded in light of recent DecipherYou findings showing that the NSA also actively attempts to avoid government oversight.

On the same day that Trump tweeted that he’d signed the FISA section 702 reauthorization, Suzie Dawson and this author analyzed a never-before scrutinized Snowden file that showed the NSA endorsing an employee who had interfaced with Congress, and who advised the NSA move to avoid legislative oversight. The file in question was titled: “Do We Over-Classify? Are We Sharing Enough Information?”