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So Jessie James left Sandra for a tattoed trollup but that didn’t stop Sandra from having 2 bouncing bundles of joy, negro bundles that is.

What is this weird preference for black children? I hear when you go to adopt children they tell you you don’t get to chose the race, and since 70% of America is still white you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting a white one. Nope! They give the white wimminz negro children intentionally. Bullock didn’t get one negro and one white? NO! She got TWO Negro children.

It’s like they want to stuff a dirty diaper in your face and say “My shit dont stank smell it smell it deep! Or are you rACISS????”

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Yah. Well. Piss of I’d walk out if they handed me negro babies and started with their “Oh isn’t they so cute” routine. Uhm no. I don’t find them cute. Not one bit. I am genetically disposed to raise my own people my own kind.


Whatever it is its right. What the hell is wrong with all these leftie hollywood types. It’s like the underground railroad of negro babies.