We thought that Wakanda was endless pushing lies about black culture but this seals the deal – recruiting drum thumping Coates to write the Black Pather comics will no doubt fill it with enough Hate whitey vile disgusting crap to make even vibranium shatter. Genius.

Genius Coates left Howard after five years WITHOUT a DEGREE. That’s an accomplishment for a black person where degrees are handed out for breathing. Some genius. But don’t worry because as a black man without a degree, Coats is going to be teaching at MIT and New York University! YEP! This great writer who has written a total of TWO books filled with anti-white hate is recognized for being negro with free jobs which normally require a doctorate degree.

Coates was the 2012–14 MLK visiting professor for writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[19][61]

He joined the City University of New York as its journalist-in-residence in late 2014.[62]

In 2017, Coates will join the faculty of New York University‘s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute as a Distinguished Writer in Residence.[63]


Ta-Nehisi Coates Hopes ‘Black Panther’ Will Be Some Kid’s ‘Spider-Man’n

After he won a National Book Award, and one of the MacArthur Foundation’s so-called genius grants, no one anticipated Ta-Nehisi Coates’ next move.

“What’s the good of getting a MacArthur genius grant if you can’t go and write a comic book for Marvel?” Coates tells NPR’s Audie Cornish. “I don’t know. There are things that people consider to be genius, and then there are things that deep in my heart I’ve always believed to be genius.”

That’s right — a comic book. Marvel’s Black Pantherfollows an African king named T’Challa with superhuman strength and intellect, who presides over the fictional nation of Wakanda. The first issue is out Wednesday with illustrations by artist Brian Stelfreeze.

“When I was a young person, my introduction frankly into the world of literature and the beauty of words and the beauty of language, occurred through three things,” Coates says. “It occurred through the magic of hip-hop, it occurred through the magic of Dungeons and Dragons, and it occurred through the magic of Marvel comic books, so I feel back at home.”

Black Panther was launched in 1966, just a few months before the Black Panther political party came on the scene. But over the years, T’Challa has pretty much played second fiddle to the likes of Daredevil and Captain America. And his storylines often revolve around divided loyalties.