It’s a strange cover. Her immenseness, a 300 pound seeming bloat in black, a frightening affect only a mother could love, nestled by two of hollyweird’s prettiest dishes – Kidman and Witherspoon as if to say let’s soften the blow of the physical and financial whale that is the Oprah.

I listen to Oprah but mostly Puccini and Mozart. When did the pronunciation change.

One wonders, will Rheese (a peanut butter cup manufacturer one wonders?) file her #metoo charges for the wandering hand on her hip?

Here is what Oprah looks like without the window dressing

Once again the horror Lewobwitza or however you spell its name has made people ugly. Clap clap clap. it isn’t hard to make people ugly you dimwit, the point is to make them beautiful.

It doesn’t surprise me that no one ever smiles in a Lewobitwszhe photo, she’s apparently a pain in the ass to work with.

And Tom Hanks, whose every role from Cloud Atlas to portending Miss Piggy seems like the same Forrest Gump just kinda annoys me. He seems to produce an effete blandness that offends no one so sells to everyone.  But I did like his co-star Walter in that marooned on an island movie, that coconut had more emotions than Robin Williams Mrs. Doubtfire when her boobs caught on fire.

They had deniro there too… kinda off to himself. Has he done anything original or just played the same damn character in 20 films?

The standout? Gal Gadot. She is a wonder woman. WE love you GAL! Even Lewobitchas couldn’t take a bad pic of this beauty. She oozes confidence and sex and we love every bit of it. Make another movie before #metoo shuts it all down

Gal gets a touch-up.

In the end one looks at Hollyweird and wonders… Is this America or has something gone terribly wrong.

Harrison Ford stands just left of Gadot. Together they make a gorgeous pair. But the centerpiece – James Franco standing tough, is now photoshopped away because VAGINA, part of the #metoo accusations. No proof. and poof. He’s gone. Ah the power of digital.

Goodbye Mr. Franco you sexy porn star looking dude. We will miss you.