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the 1.75 reproduction rate for “White” americans is much better than the 1.4 for France and Italy in Europe. Much better. Unfortunately it simple to see that it still leads to our doom.

So lets look at the effect that has in four generations.  2.1-1.75^4 = 0.015 * 180M = 2 million.  Near extinction. While blacks and asians numbers are below replacement level as well, they are being reinforced by massive immigration. Say roughly 3 million a year. so that’s 300 million more of them in 100 years.

So the project for 100 years out is 2 million Europanice americans savaged and raped in a 550 million population America consisting of mostly hispanics asians and blacks. Of course all the laws will be changed to confiscate all white land and wealth long before this. Probably when things reach 60-40. Non-sanctioned but not arrested or prosecuted gangs will begin the white genocide at this point as well, randomly killing the men and raping the women.

Europanic men are sick of the one sided gynocracy laws and divorce rapes and walking away from children and marriage or leaving the country all together.  But right now no one cares. They are laughed at.  Wait 20 years.  There will be nothing to laugh at.

This is our dysgenic future. How can we prevent this? Read “A Plan For Trump: Fighting Dysgenic Policies in America”