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A black woman was caught stealing cookie dough in her vagina this week. Apparently she crammed the huge mega-size foot long tube of dough up her snatch and walked out as if no one would notice. “Dons you touch my vagina theres no cookie dough there” she screamed.

Now its hair care products. Walmarts across America have put black hair care products under lock and key.

“They were just stealing us blind” said an inside source.  “We had no choice”

But the blacks were getting uppity like we’ve never seen with lawsuits being filed for “discrimination”. They were also asking for additional funds for “reparations for slavery”

“I cans get any muh haircare products” said a black woman in a hoodie with large pockets.  “What do you mean they aren’t free? We just takems!” said another black.

A woman filed a lawsuit against Walmart claiming race discrimination for having to be escorted to a register to buy African-American beauty products that were locked in a case.

Essie Grundy, who was joined by her husband, daughter and attorney Gloria Allred, talked about the suit during a press conference Friday.

She shot cellphone video of the incident, describing what she found at the Walmart.

“When I walked down the aisle and saw that Walmart had placed all of the African-American hair and skin products under lock-and-key, I had to pause,” she said. “I felt that I was being treated as a person who might be a thief, even though I have no criminal history.”

Grundy said what was concerning was being escorted to the register. How can she shoplift the product if they escort her to the register!

Walmart is doing the leakage analysis and found that these black products fall out of inventory without getting paid for so they locked them up. Can you blame them?

Here’s the solution, stop SELLING THESE PRODUCTS. Poof problem solved.