If You Own A Home In Texas You Can Now Claim Your $4,264 Benefit

Apparently the horrendous DACA proposal is coming from Lindsey “never met a cock I didn’t like, or hen” Graham. How this pro-immigration shill could have landed in a set to negotiate on immigration for Trump is beyond psychotic.

Apparently one of the “Gotchas” in the bill is that all the pending backlog for chain-migration – aka the 200,000 Indians, the 300,000 Chinese, and the 2.4 million Mexicans, all would still get to go through the process.

This is unbelievable. Ending chain migration means POOF its gone, not that they keep processing pending applications for ten more years! What the hell.

Oh Lindsey, take the broomstick out of your ass or when Trump gets home there is going to be hell to pay.


I never consented to have my country, my society, my race, my security, my prosperity, my peace of mind, my sovereignty, my way of life, my standard of living, to be thrown onto a chopping block to be negotiated over like a butcher’s scrap. My forefathers didn’t fight and die for this, either.