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What does it mean? It means the evidence of corruption at the FBI is coming out in waves and cannot be denied. It’s not just the texts, the FISA abuse and the 2 million payout to the fake Trump Fusion GPS Dossier are both serious crimes, especially since wives were getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars off the Clinton funded Dossier.

It’s a warning shot. It’s not draining the swamp quite yet.

Now we have a state of the union address and the release of the summary abuse memo. It’s going to be a hell of a weak.  Will Sessions step up and get a few indictments rolling? Who knows. He’s been a wuss out so far.

And what of the huge sellout for immigration? 2 million dreamers to get amnestied? Scary.

It’s been a rocky road.  We have to see where it ends up.