Image result for pakistani thugs germanyThe most important part of this is the 18 year old is called an “adolescent”.  We call them adults on this side of the pond.

2018, 03:30 am Crime Scene: Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel, Borstels End Police officers arrested two Afghan youths (16, 17) and an Afghan adolescent (18) in Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel in the early morning, who are suspected to have recently reached 32 year old caretaker of a youth apartment attacked, tied up and robbed.

The responsible robbery department of the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA 154) has taken over the further investigation.

After the current state of affairs, the suspects gained access to the youth apartment in the street Borstels end and knocked on the locked door of sleeping in his attendant room 32-year-old Germans.When he opened the door, the masked young men threatened him with a knife and a firearm.At the same time they asked him to open a safe in the youth apartment.This then handed the suspect a safe key, but without the young men in the episode, however, initially managed to actually open the vault itself.The 32-year-old caregiver was now forced to open the safe under the charge of a firearm.The suspects took from it a low three-digit cash sum, handcuffed the caregiver, locked him in his room and fled.As a result, the 32-year-old succeeded in freeing himself and alerting the police.

As part of the immediate search with numerous radio patrol cars police could meet the three suspects in the Wellingsbütteler highway and provisionally arrest.The officials provided the young men with numerous evidence (including masking and captive material, amount of cash in the amount of the robbery).

In addition, the officers found a firearm weapon and a knife in the immediate vicinity of the detention site of the three suspects.

The suspects are sent to a magistrate.