She’s 5% black, and looks white, but Halle knows the huge financial rewards for being declared black. So she was shocked when her Ex straighted the childs hair (or simply combed it) so she didn’t look like a sasquatch in the woods. “MY CHILD IS BLACK” screamed the horrified 30% negress.

Of course maybe she’ll get to be the bond girl even though shes unattractive like her mom.

And all of this raises the bigger question, when do we stop considering children black. When they are 90% white? 99% white? 99.9999% white is still Black? Yes it is according to blacks.

Berry was reportedly not present at a hearing which took place on Monday to discuss the straightening claim, but was represented by her attorney, Steve Kolodny.  Aubry did appear in court.  After intense debate regarding the hair claim, a judge finally made the decision that neither parent can change the texture or color of Nahla’s natural hair.

Wait what is this picture? Halle with Straight hair? Hmmm. Whats good for the goose is NOT good for the gander. Because I guess she is horrified that her child be seen as white and not get free entry into harvard with full tuition free high paying jobs for almost zero work. No being black is the huge payola scam for America and she’s not risking loosing it.

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berry11f-1-webBerry began dating Aubry in 2005 and the love-fest lasted until the couple’s very bad and public breakup in 2010. After going their separate ways, the couple battled viciously over Nahla.  Berry, who is now married to actor Olivier Martinez, with whom she has a son, wanted to move to France and take Nahla along.  Aubry fought the move in court and won.

Bad blood developed between Aubry and Martinez and the tensions culminated in a very public 2012 Thanksgiving brawl.  A week after the fight, Berry and her ex called a truce and reached “an amicable agreement” over Nahla’s care.  Last May, however, the “Extant” star was court-ordered to pay Aubry a reported $200,000 a year, plus tuition money to support their daughter.  The order also called for Berry to fork over a retroactive payment of $115,000 and another $300,000 in legal fees to Aubry’s attorney.  The court decision was based on income. Berry made a reported $4.7 million last year, compared to Aubry’s $192,921.