Kylie is sitting at home very pregnant eating buckets of chicken wings according to the tabloids, as baby daddy Travis Scott is no where to be seen.

“I’ll date a negro, all my sisters do that” thought the dejected Kylie with no understanding or care in the world. They are just the same as Europanics who built all of civilization, except they only built mud huts. Hmmm. That might be a clue.

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Travis, who gets millions of dollars for screaming into a microphone as government payola tries to push negro culture and cram it down the throats of europanic citizens as “great” see they are all rich and famous for jigabooing, well reality sets in eventually. Even a well paid negro katywauler still won’t break his genetic conditioning.

So it’s buckets of chicken wings and an ever fatter Kylie Jenner. At least now she has TWO moms to console her.

Even Travis knows the dangers of associating with negros…

“They call them Boogies, I duck em, I fuck em” – Travis Scott