These pro black commercials make me want to puke.  First they constantly show a young white woman almost humping a black man she wants to fuck him so bad.

Then they say things like “93 people helped rebuild veterans house after hurricane” and show pictures of blacks fixing the house. What was the reality? IT WAS ALL WHITE PEOPLE. IT WAS ALL WHITE FIRST RESPONDERS. IT WAS WHITE PEOPLE HAULING OUT TRAPPED CARS.


Look at this picture. This is the REAL team that helped rebuild the veterans home and raised 90,000 dollars. WHERE ARE THE NIGGRUHS? WHERE ARE THE NIGGRUHS. THERE ARE NONE. THERE ARE NONE. JESUS TITS STOP THE FUCKING APE LOVE THERE WERE NO NIGGRUHS THERE!NONE!!!!

Look at the old guy in the center. That’s the WHITE Veteran whose home was rebuilt.

Here is how they depicted the home repair people in the video… Uhm NOT!

We’se here tah RAP ya home bettah!

Wait, it gets better. The WWII Veteran? They make him black also!


And where were the black people REALLY during the Hurricane? LOOTING!

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I’ll steal your shoes… I’ll steal your shoes (sung to the tune of I’ll stand by you)


Here is another team that helped rebuild. They are called Team Rubicon. Notice something they have in common?

Image result for irma rebuild veterans home


I have some new lyrics…

I’ll stand by the Apes, I’ll Stand by the Apes

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Even after all their rapes, even after all their hate

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When they loot the stores, and take so much more

Image result for irma team rubicon

Than they ever produce, they give nothing but abuse

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One black guy!! Wooo finally

I’ll stand by apes

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I’ll STAAAAND by apes…

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Now, please in the comments post links to photos of BLACKS saving whites in the hurricane. Please! Did it ever happen even ONCE?

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The video cites the Boca Raton we dine together lunch club, started by a haitian immigrant. It has nothing to do with the hurricane. It has a lot to do with groups of black men finding teen girls sitting alone and going “We Dine Togathah! nudge nudge”. That would scare the hell out of me get my daughter OUT of that place!

Growing group: The club started in September of 2016 and within months had 60 members
Three blacks approach a white teen and go “We Dine TI ogethah” is NOTHING to celebrate!
150 chapters: The club turned into a greater organization that is expanding across the US
I Getstah dine with all yours wimmin!!!

The video also calls out the Swampers – the flat bottom boaters who came in to help transport people and save lives.  Yep they were all white also.

Image result for swamp boaters irma

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Why does this matter? We can’t let them re-write our history. No it wasn’t a woman in a HIJAB saving people, it wasn’t blacks rebuilding houses. It was Europanic Americans, who saved everyone, white, black, asian, and muslim.  And it pisses me off these SCUMBAGS lie about it and misrepresent what went on.

Here is the puke video. Be sure if you are a blonde white woman to go peg a negro cause that’s it’s big central message.

“You can’t say dat dat’s RACISS DATS RACISS”