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C, C++ or C– I can program them all!

I think they might be satisfied finally when 90% of american software engineers are dead or unemployed.

They continue to flood America with 250,000 to 550,000 foreign software workers EACH AND EVERY YEAR even though there are ZERO new jobs. The number of engineering jobs has remained constant for 20 years.

And now, who wants to work in a curry den with stinky low IQ terrible engineers who botch everything they do or get almost nothing done, just laugh and giggle all day happy to be in a nest with other Indians and Pakistanis.

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I am the best java programmer on earth!

Does anyone care about the genocide of American software engineers? Apparently NO ONE.

“It’s merit based” say the pundits. Yah. They let in people with fake skills fake resumes and fake degrees and go “see they are SO MUCH CHEAPER WE ARE SAVING MONEY”

Project after project fails. Or they hire an American to do all the work, the Indians sit around and fart all day, and then they kick the American out when the hard part is finished. This happens over and over, and what can the Americans do but sit and take it? They need jobs with 90% unemployment rates for American engineers… what that’s not what they report in the media? Well that’s becausWe they are piece of shit liars.

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We are better programmers than Americans, our five day programming course makes us smarter than Americans from MIT

Former U.S. Department of Labor top immigration official Demetrious Papademetriou told Stahl that imported programmers using the H-1B visa didn’t fit that description.

“These are basically run-of-the-mill people with a degree and some skills, and it seems to me that it is important that we distinguish between people who are truly skilled—who have unique, specialized skills—and people who simply provide labor,” Papademetriou told Stahl.

While the law required that foreign workers be paid the prevailing wage—what an American would make for the same job—Stahl reported it was often completely ignored and never enforced.

According to the report, suppliers of foreign labor, commonly called “body shops,” lied when filling out visa forms, and the Labor Department merely checked that the forms were completed. What’s more, many of the outsourcing firms and their employees weren’t paying state or federal income taxes, Social Security, or unemployment taxes. Companies like Hewlett-Packard, Stahl reported, had a built-in system of deniability, placing all responsibility on the body shops who technically employed the foreign workers.

“Here you have violations of labor laws,” Papademetriou said. “You probably have violations of human rights. You have evasion of tax laws, and of course, you have total violation of immigration laws, which of course, suggests that the system needs fixing.”

To Papademetriou, the impact of the visa program was clear.

“It’s stacking things against the Americans. It’s Genocide”

Game over. They are letting our nation die and no one cares. To hell with the USA let it die. If there’s a war will we care? Did they take care of us when we needed them to? No they stomped their boots in our face. Sorry USA you are nothing but a tyrant and a bully that doesn’t give a shit about its own citizens. You care more about DACAN invaders than the people that built this country. Go ahead, make America a negroid brown place. Let’s see how stinky it gets. But we don’t want any part of it.