the tide is changing after a rash of rapes and knifings and murders of young women in Germany

It happened between neatly stacked rows of shampoo and organic baby food: A teenage boy walked up to his ex-girlfriend in the local drugstore, pulled out a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade and stabbed her in the heart.

The death in Kandel, in southwestern Germany, on Dec. 27 has traumatized this sleepy town of barely 10,000 inhabitants, not just because both the suspect and the victim were only 15 years old and went to the local school, but also because the boy is an Afghan migrant and the girl was German. Later it was discovered the “Boy” was really 25 years old.

The protests are huge, as thousands of cops are put in the streets to pepper spray the crowds and arrest people for “illegal speech”

Germans clash over ‘rapefugees’ who carried out mass sex attack