After seeing how advanced Blacks in AFrica are in the country of Wakanda, many blacks are realizing things are much better in Africa than in the USA. #Blaxit is the new movement and thousands of american blacks are uprooting and moving to Africa.

“I thought Africa was a pile of dung until I learned about Wakanda!” said one smiling black man. “Actually things are much more advanced there than in America”

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Everything is HALF PRICE in Africa! The Shopping is GREAT!

As thousands return to Africa the movement just gets bigger and bigger as selfies and pictures of blacks happy in their new location get back to the poor welfare blacks in America.

“You don’t need cars or subways, we just ride the gazelles!” said one black in a post to the facebook group ReturnToAfrica.

“The water tastes so sweet, and the food just grows for free everywhere!” said another.

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We’re BACK Bitches!

“We were skeptical, but once we landed we have gotten so much pussy we can barely walk! This place is amazing!” said Jam Bone, a Chicago rapper now living in South Africa.


“I was living in broken down section 8 housing in America, but here in Liberia, my welfare check makes me a Kang! My place is huge and I’m considered the leader of my village!” said Justin Johnson, a new arrival.

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The good life is waiting for you across the seas, so why not Blaxit today? Keep the welfare, but live in a bigger hut! Don’t forget Eddie Murphy had it good in Africa.

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And who knows, if you make it big, you may just find your face on a large monument like the Kangs of old!  #Blaxit today!

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We wuz Kangs, Now We’se KANGS again in Africa!