The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) has confirmed that it is in discussions with the Israeli government to ship the African invaders facing deportation from the Jewish ethnostate to “safe western countries,” which will likely include the US and Canada, rather than allowing them to be sent back to Africa.

According to a report in the Jerusalem-based Times of Israel, Sharon Harel, the external relations officer at the UNHCR office in Israel, confirmed the existence of the deal, which will halt Israel’s current campaign to deport thousands of Africans to Rwanda.

The Times of Israel reported that the Israeli government is in “negotiations with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees to resettle a portion of African asylum seekers in third countries deemed by the UN to be ‘safe,’ possibly including Western countries.

“There are already many blacks in the USA and they do well there. It is a much better place for them” said Jewish high commissioner Pavel Stein.

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“Such an arrangement could be realized, though the necessary details need to be worked out,” said Harel.

But one has to ask, why can’t Israel take in the blacks? They don’t have enough black people there and their culture would be greatly enriched by these refugees. These poor youths are simply looking for a chance.  And Israel is much closer to Africa than the USA so they can visit their families in their home countries much more easily.

“We are happy here” said one refugee, “and we are happy to be jewish”.

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