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Negroid Maffia Reaches Italy


Italian criminologist and psychiatrist, Alessandro Meluzzi, firmly believes that the murder of the 18-year-old Pamela is tied to the Nigerian mafia, which has recently reached Italy and is quickly becoming stronger and very dangerous.

“The Nigerian Mafia, the most ruthless mafia in the world, killed Pamela. Its sects are colonising Italy and stealing business from the traditional mafia families”, strong words coming from Meluzzi, during an interview given to ItaliaOggi and then reported on Libero.

Meluzzi continued: “What we have seen in Pamela’s case is the same methods the Nigerian mafia systematically applies in Nigeria and elsewhere” […] “it is a routine to cut victims into pieces and in some cases, to eat parts of their bodies”.

It’s called eating the evidence and the new hungry negro is the perp. Sometimes whole families disappear while gangs of blacks look very well fed. Will blacks simply eat Italians until no more exist? It’s a distinct possibility.

What’s left of Pamela’s body was found in two trolleys, her neck and genitals were missing. The body was deboned and washed in bleach in order to hide and remove any kind of trace.

Image result for pavement ape
I didndu NUFFINS

Her heart was also missing, which doesn’t surprise Meluzzi who explained: “Child soldiers in Sierra Leone ate human hearts as a rite of passage in order to gain courage. Ritual cannibalism, in the Nigerian mafia, is not an exception, but a rule. These are normal things for them, but here nobody talks about it, out of fear of being called racist. We should get used to these things: this is just the tip of an iceberg destined to grow larger”

Her heart might have been eaten because it is seen as some kind of reinvigorating remedy, which grants greater courage and strength. Is this what the progressive left and media intended for cultural enrichment? Having your daughter’s heart eaten out by a savage coming from Africa?

“Eatin a HEART? Sheet, we eat everything in Harlem!” said an American Nigerian.

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