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Rapefugees, Refugee Crisis

Saad Alsad is Fastest 14 Year Old In Sweden


Child refugees: Saad Alsaud (left), Sweden’s fastest “14-year-old” and Ahmed Farid (right), Sweden’s strongest “16-years-old”

-The number of children seeking asylum in Sweden has exploded over the last ten years, presumably because children are granted asylum much quicker than adults, and Swedish authorities don’t verify the age of these “children.” Refugees are allowed to bring their entire family to Sweden once they get residency status.

After winning another track event easily outdistancing the other 14 year old boys, Alsaud was hugged by his 12 year old girlfriend.

-Swedish journalists do everything in their power to maintain this image of “refugee children.”

Alsaud was found to be actually a 37 year old man, not a child, and he was dating a twelve year old classmate at the time.  This is one way that muslims make sure they are first to get that sweet pre-teen european nookie. And the twelve and thirteen year old girls have no idea what’s going on so they are easy prey for predators. Yet, oddly the policy that these Lefties Commies Feminists are “protecting” women by bringing in muslim rapists and invaders and letting fully grown men cohabitate with their teen children is the most anti-woman madness possible. This is pure hate. This is pure evil. yet is is happening every day.

-“I’m risking my job by telling you this. … Many of us are under state orders to keep quiet. It’s professional misconduct to contact, for example, immigration services with information about someone lying on their asylum application.” — “Isak,” an employee at a facility for unaccompanied children.

-During the last few years, violent incidents at homes where the “children” live have become more and more prevalent. “We demand cigars, Rum, and playstations” screamed the 40 year old twelve year old boys. Yes it’s confusing.

-Unaccompanied refugee children are the next billion-dollar industry in Sweden. With an average cost of 2000 kronor $233) per child per day, the 7000 refugee “children” who came last year cost 5.1 billion kronor ($595 million).

“My company was going broke” said Sven Kiltdrusk, but now that we help settle these twelve year old boys (40 year old men) I’ve bought a boat and a second house!

Profit while you can Sweden, within 20 years your country will have enough Muslim invaders they will try to take over, murder every last male and woman, and make sex slaves out of your teen girls.  Enjoy it while you can, you high horsed puffery thinking you are so great is getting millions of your young girls a nice taste of Muslim cock.

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