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Things So Bad In Sweden Migrants Leaving For Poland


“They tried to give us a PlayStation 3. Three! In Poland they are giving migrants a PS4 and a XBoxOne! How can you play Arkham on a PS3 ! We are out of here!” said Mum’bong an teen refugee from Somalia.

Tell us something about yourself and your family

I loved growing up in Sweden: It was clean, safe and everyone was nice to us (well, there of course were some idiots – there always are). I grew up with hard working parents and had a great childhood. It was a good time in my life. My parents did start with nothing and slowly built a life for us.I live in Poland with my wife and my kids. We moved here from Malmö, Sweden, for about two years ago. I came to Sweden with my parents and my siblings when I was a small child. We came from Croatia.

Sweden allowed me to get an education and a career. I currently work as an IT/tech-specialist at a US-based company. I also have some small side projects involving helping people in Sweden to cope with their situation. I moved my parents over to Poland and my wife’s parents will come here in 2019.

You left Sweden to go to Poland, why is that?

Well… it’s obvious for most people I think. Sweden has been in decay for quite some time now. The schools are terrible, simple medical help takes a long time, the violence is increasing on every level and I simply don’t recognise the country I grew up in anymore.

One other reason was that I felt utterly alone in speaking up about what’s going on in Sweden. On a party almost everyone thinks the same but officially you’re pretty much alone. People are afraid to speak up because those that do are branded racists or populists, It’s very disturbing.

Swedes know that something is terribly wrong but no one speaks openly about it.

Swedes KNOW that something is terribly wrong but no one speaks openly about it. The media seems to be on the side of the politicians all the time. The people know that migration has led to more crimes, more rapes, more violence, more gangs but the government and media just wants people to focus on the good things about migration. They told the Swedes that migration would save their elderly and would generate billions for the country… and now it seems it’s the opposite that has happened.

But still… the migration must go on. It’s pure madness. Like today – they have “sold” the idea that Sweden has a normal migration rate but no. It’s still very high and society can’t keep up with housing, schools and jobs. Sweden is – and I think most outside Sweden knows this – REALLY BAD at integration.

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