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The Genocide of American software engineers has entered its 22nd year. 80% of Silicon Valley, up to 95% of its engineer are not Indian nationals with fake degrees. The policy to wholesale replace americans who spent tens of thousands on prime university degrees with cheaters from India and China simply continues unabated.

Geoffry Simms and Kevin Albreit were found dead in their Menlo Park apartment thursday evening. There was a small note – “Stop throwing away American Engineers, Stop the H-1B Visa”. Each had worked at major software companies before being thrown away for the ultimate time, replaced by low IQ Indians who claim to be able to do the same work for ten cents on the dollar.


It’s all perfectly legal to throw away American software engineers. But it was never the way the visa was intended to be used. Without protections, the genocide of American software engineers will continue. How many years will we allow this to go on? 30? 500? At what point is genocide of our hard working college educated workers to be condoned? Apparently forever if you listen to the government.

“It’s not a big deal, there is a shortage of workers” Said commerce spokesperson Willis. And yet study after study finds there is no shortage, simply replacement with third world workers with fake resumes. No one seems to care or give a damn in heartless America. But the Indians are very happy to take our jobs by the millions – over FOUR MILLION to be exact, enough to take every software engineer job in America. They are already here. It’s already too late. Our thoughts go out to the brave software engineers and their protest. They join Kevin Flannagan and countless others who have commited suicide due to America’s policies.