This horrific pro-white genocide group – the Center for immigration studies – tried to estimate the total number of H-1Bs in the USA. This is important because there are only 4 million technology jobs total. So how many are taken by dumb brown people with fake degrees?

David North is a CIS Fellow.

Debate over the H-1B foreign worker program often focuses on the number of visas issued each year for one sub-category, 65,000. But that number, while accurate, is misleading; to understand the full impact of this, or any other, long-term non-immigrant program, we need to know not just the annual admissions — the “flow” — but also the “stock,” the number of people here in that status at any given time. There is no official estimate of the size of the total H-1B population; our estimate is 650,000 as of September 30, 2009, 10 times larger than the flow number usually referred to.

North’s methodology is typical of a dumb as fuck libtard who can’t manage simple concepts. So lets try this for real.


First of all, the H-1B visa is good for 3 years, with a 3 year renewal. That’s six years. In reality most have green card applications in and are allowed to stay 7 or 8 years until that goes through, but we won’t count that. According to the DOL there is a 40% conversion rate to green card, meaning 40 percent NEVER LEAVE.

Since 2000, we have issued 4,550,000 visas (approx). If you assume a green card is achieved after 8 years, then the numbers who remained here is : 1.2 million

Quite a bit for a non immigrant visa.

Ok, lets add the number who are still here on a H-1B visa by taking the past 7 years (starting with 2016 the last year we have data for)  1,948,000

Now let’s add the two numbers together: 3.173 MILLION

Ok now lets see how many wives? 1.49 million

How many of the wives are still here? It’s hard to know I couldn’t find stats. Lets say half.  750,000.  That roughly correlates with the past 8 years of visas so it doesn’t even take into account green card conversions.

3.17 + 0.75 = 3.92 million

In other words, they have issue as many H-1B and H-4 (wifey) visas as there are tech jobs in America. 100% replacement. Total frikin genocide.