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No its not a movie. It’s really happening. Rapefugees from Nigeria, Somalia, and Eritrea have been caught attacking white Parisians and eating their flesh.

“they taste like chikin to me, des whites taste like chickin” said Ungatu Mu’bedi a Somali refugee.

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Earlier in the week three men have been arrested in the heavily migrant-populated Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois for attacking a man by biting at his face and then eating the pieces of flesh they had bitten off.

“It’s delicious, we cannot stop!” said a large black man.

The men, who all originally came from the African island nation of Cape Verde, were arrested on Sunday after they attacked a man who was walking in the Hector-Berlioz alley at around 6 pm and bit off pieces his ear and lower lip, Le Parisien reports.

The victim was able to fight off the attackers, wounding one of them in the ankle, before police arrived a short time later and arrested the three Africans.

Africans believe that by eating white flesh they can obtain “white juju” the white magical powers that make white people wealthy.

Both the victim and the injured man were then taken to Montfermeil hospital.

Last month, a couple were walking romantically down a Parisian street when a gang of Somali refugees surrounded them. While they raped the woman, the man was tied up and then slowly eaten. By the time the police arrived there was just a pile of bones. Confused the police asked the women what it was.

“Once you get de taste, you know de way” said the large black man smiling.

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