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Poop is not only unhygenic, but it can be dangerous and slippery on urban sidewalks. As cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco succumb to poop covered sidewalks, inventor Derek Simms has come up with the solution – The Poop Blade Urban Exploration shoe.

“It’s like a snow shoe, it gives you traction and keeps the poop away from your hem” said Derek.

Walking around poop filled San Francisco’s Tenderloin district we put the urban explorer to the test. It didn’t take long before we came across a large paddy of urban poo.

“It just smooshed beneath us and we kept right on walking, no mess no fuss!” said Sam our shoe tester.

“These poop sleds are amazing. I’d buy them!”

Derek explained the birth of the shoe – “It all started one saturday in the mission district. I stepped on some poo and my foot swung out from behind me and I landed flat on my back. My tailbone was bruised for weeks. After that I started work on a shoe that would protect you from the new urban environment”

So if you live in an urban poop zone, try out the Poop Blade. It’s a game changer. Pricing is expected to begin at $199.

“These boots were made for walkin… I’m gonna walk all over poo…” (to the tune of Nancy Sinatra’s these boots were made for walking)

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