aforantifa   A is for Antifa, who klunk Nazis fast
blackpanther.png     B is for the Black Panther who can kick whitey’s ass
C is for Colonialism which kept blacks in slavery
disfordemo  D is for Democrats who helped illegals become free
Image result for multi racial children cartoon     E is for ethnostate, a beautiful sea of black and brown
fforfascist   F is for Fascists, Or anyone with whom we disagree in our town
welfarekids.png    G is for Government which sends free welfare checks to our pack
hisforhijab   H is for Hijab, women living in a sack
Image result for protesters block deportation    I is for Insurrection to stop taking illegal aliens away
Image result for jerusalem cartoon    J is for Jerusalem, the city stolen from arabs in the 1948 trea-tay
kisfor   K is for Kaepernick who took a knee
Image result for likud party cartoon      L is for Likud, the israeli party
callto      M is for Muezzin , our chanting friend
nforniger    N is for Nigerian and their raping trend
O is for Ostracized, what we do to others we fight
Image result for aborted fetus     P is for planned parenthood who says abortion is right
cisfor    Q is for Queueing in communist countries for food
racistwoman     R is for Racist, our favorite appellation to use
sisforslaves   S is for Slaves, who whites whipped with profusion
tisfortrump     T is for Trump the Traitor who believes in the constitution
un.png     U is for United Nations, who keep the world free
pussyhat    V is for Vagina, on heads we wear thee
W is for Whitey, the oppressor of all nations
X is for Xenophobe, or white people who don’t like invasion
jisforjew   Y is for Yalmukah, what jews wear on their head
Z is for Zionist, who want palestineans dead


All these letters are yours to live in one world harmony
spread them and share them across our great human tree
black or brown or yellow through and through
all people are equal regardless of IQ
Some may rape you, or be violent invaders
hillary.png    But they are all gods children under Hillary our dictator

Children create ABC book to tackle ‘big concepts’ of slavery, colonialism

Children create ABC book to tackle ‘big concepts’ of slavery, colonialism

Using song, dance, and paint, 40 children worked together Saturday to create an ABC picture book tackling concepts like slavery and colonialism.

“I really believe that when we listen to the voices of children, that things can change,” said Denise Gillard, the project director for the Book in a Day program. The program was developed by the Nova Scotia chapter of the Global Afrikan Congress (GAC).