German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the latest politician to criticise a major food bank’s decision to bar foreigners from receiving free food.

Mrs Merkel spoke out against charity Essener Tafel’s new rule requiring visitors to show a German passport in order to receive food.

Essener Tafel called it a necessary restriction because the share of foreigners using the food bank had soared to 75% in recent years.

In the USA, I went to food banks and was appalled when Mexicans would come in. When asked “how many people are in your family” they would respond “14” and leave with a huge van full of food – 40 BAGS! and then I would get there and everything would be GONE. You have no idea how badly these invaders lie. They are utterly immoral.

Vandals have sprayed “Nazis” on the charity’s delivery vans.

Essener Tafel collects tonnes of food at or past its sell-by date, which would otherwise be thrown away.

Essener Tafel head Jörg Sartor spoke angrily about the criticism. “A load of politicians are laying into us now – but they are ill-informed. They ought to reciprocate and help out here – after that they can voice an opinion, by all means.”