Looking good: The 37-year-old actress cut a casual figure in a navy dress with a denim jacket and sneakers

The 37-year-old Chrissy Metz, an actress on the hit tv show ‘This Is Us’ cut a casual figure in a navy dress with a denim jacket and sneakers.

Fashionable: Chrissy Metz was spotted leaving Whole Foods grocery store in Los Angeles on Sunday; seen with a pal


Chrissy stunned in a thigh-grazing mini dress with a fabric belt.

The TV star donned a medium wash denim jacket over the casual frock, adding black and white sneakers in a fabulous eu-du-etude to latent Hollywood casual.

“while some 60 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, only 24 percent of male characters and 13 percent of female characters were fat. And the roles are as token as the actors, especially for women and even more starkly, for black women. Fat characters are more likely to be in minor roles, less likely to be involved in romantic relationships, have fewer positive interactions than thin characters, and were often made the butt of jokes.”

MTV's "I Used to Be Fat" chronicles the struggles of overweight teens trying to lose weight before college.

So, has the overwhelming onslaught of Fat TV programming improved the situation?

It’s hard to tell. But blogger Bonnie Erbe wrote, “I don’t agree, however, that it’s a ‘sudden fascination with fat.’ Remember Roseanne on ABC that launched 21 years ago and enjoyed a nine-year run?”

The new TV Show HEAVY isn’t about weight loss, its just regular fat chics living their lives. Heavy perpetrates some of those other myths that are blatant lies.  These myths are the ones fat people are sold or tell themselves, like, “This isn’t the real me” and “There’s a thin person inside of me just waiting to get out”.  It makes me cry to think that they aren’t told that, yep, that 600-pound body is the real Tom and that all his former 600 pounds will try their best to get out of his thin body for the rest of his life.  In manifold ways, his body is now biologically  600 pounds and staying thin will occupy as much head space in the future as what to eat and how to get it did in the past.

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Is that a testicle? Or a half descended abortion? Either way I’m not fapping that.

No, three co-stars are not hiding under that dress!

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