Can I get more cash if I cry Rape now or should I go for the divorce rape later?

It started with divorce rape. Men losing all their assets and being forced to pay support levels which reduced them to poverty. But men thought they could at least continue to date women as long as they didn’t move in together or get married. Now even that’s gone.

The #MeToo movement has shown its too dangerous to interact with women in any way at all in America. And now women are screaming “Where did all the good men go?” they ran away from your lying suing ass that’s where.

With a reproduction rate of 1.7 for Europanic Americans, America is in a reproductive crisis as much as Europe.  Every 20 years we will lose about 20% of our citizens. In fifty years the population would be reduced 40%. That’s a dramatic change. And it’s all because America has cucked out to feminist courts and laws.


America is way too overpopulated. But that is unlikely to change as the white race dies off. The increasing negroid population will throw more and more cities into unliveable hell holes with murder rape and theft crimes off the chart. It’s already happened to more than half our major cities. Yet the Democrats and the Marxist Left push for more more negro immigration. It’s very important to them that America become africanized and totally destroyed. And in the midst of this threat, white women are destroying their race.

Hispanic re-population is not much better if you extrapolate what’s happening in California which has ten million illegal aliens with less than high school educations. Open sewage and feces on the streets, petty crimes and even more serious theft of copper wire is epidemic. In one old historic town all the bronze plaques were stolen so they could be melted down for scrap. That is the Hispanic mentality which has zero respect for the society they are in. If it isn’t nailed down and can be taken with wire and bolt cutters its free. This is not a population that will sustain a modern nation. Looking at Antigua Guatemala we see the collapsed beautiful churches which were damaged in an earthquake three hundred years ago. But with the white people gone, they were never rebuilt. The native population isn’t capable. Like African cities slowly crumbling after the colonists were forced out, for a while they have the money to hire western contractors to manage their systems, but eventually they cannot afford it and sewage runs in the streets, water is undrinkable, and crime and rape is rampant. This is our future because of feminism.

Remember that it is the majority Europanic population that is paying the taxes, providing for the social security, paying for the welfare, paying for the schools, the police, the firemen, and establishing stable cities.  What will our future be without them? It won’t be Wakanda I can promise you that. We can already visit Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis and the other majority non-Europanic cities in America. We can see how they are all facing negative tax bases which cannot support their infrastructure. Obama siphoned 300 billion of the “stimulus” money to california to pay off the costs of their illegal immigration imbroglio.



It is critical that divorce court reforms are enacted immediately and specifically that includes absolute respect for prenuptial contracts as a minimum step.  If we cannot do that our society will die. It’s that simple.

One proposed solution is to remove womens right to vote OR to make the requirement to vote owning property. Something that will tip the scale over to male authority. This is unlikely to be passed in the feminist controlled gynocracy.

Another approach is to teach women to marry and have babies FIRST then go to college. This isn’t that big of a change. Have DEB coming out parties at age 15 like in Mehico and courting until 16 when they choose from the selected mates for one to marry. The mates should be post college established earning men. These women can have four children by the time they are 21. By 28 years old they can themselves go to college with children old enough. This is much better than the career first start thinking about babies at 35 modern plan that often fizzles. It also should support more solid families. But without divorce court reforms men still won’t enter into marriage with women.

4 Highest Crime Cities in America (demographics based on 2010 census)

  1. Detroit 10.6% Europanic
  2. Oakland 34.5% Europanic
  3. Memphis 29.4% Europanic
  4. St. Louis 42.2% Europanic