Swampscott Principal Shannon Daniels is taking some time away from Stanley Elementary School after receiving “hurtful messages” since coming out as transgender three weeks ago.

Why he waited until AFTER he lost most of his hair is unknown. It’s hard to be a pretty woman when you are bald.

One thing he is doing wrong is causing cognitive dissonance. He can’t come in with a bald head and wear a skirt. Presentation as female should be done complete and all at once, this is not a gradual process.

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We celebrate his bravery regardless. Although why he wasn’t brave enough to transition when he was in his 20s or 30s when estrogen would actually work is beyond us.

Daniels became the school’s principal in 2012 and now prefers they/them pronouns for a gender-fluid identity, but plans to become full transitioned to female.

It’s sparking debate and leaving parents wondering how to talk to their kids about it

“Bald Women Can Be Beautiful” Said Transgender Task Force Alliance representative Sandy Simms. I guess. Bald is the new black.

There are other options for treatment for bald trans ladies. Ask Transgender lady lizard Tiamat Medusa.  “Yah, I’ve decided to incorporate being bald into my lizard look. So far so good!”

Woman gets ears removed to look like rattlesnake

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