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These ()*%)%(   ()*)(*%   *$*$($   scrawl a few words on a piece of paper and the companies get SO TERRIFIED they hand over literally buckets of money. In this case FOUR MILLION DOLLARS! JESUS!

She got so much because one of the notes used the N word! If both notes used the N word she could have gotten EIGHT MILLION!

“I was abused dis money is owed me”

Did she do it herself? Of course she doesn’t say that, but the vast majority of “hate crimes” end up being done by the supposedly attacked victim. REAL RACISTS DO NOT DRaW PICTURES OF A NOOSE THAT IS WHAT BLACKS DO. So this is a FRAUD!

Now if I go to work and get a note that says “go home cracker” can I get my four million? Large bills please, I have to fit it in my duffel bag. Sorry only the @#$@#@ @#$@ get the checks. Thats the way it works in brokenville.

Harris was a registered nurse at Queen’s Medical Center between 2006 and 2011. She filed a lawsuit in 2013 against Queen’s, claiming racial discrimination and retaliation after she reported multiple patient safety issues in the Medical Intensive Care Unit she worked in.

“It escalated to the point where she reports a nurse walking by a patient — who is actually pulling out their ventilator tube–  and not doing anything and saying, ‘Hey Ellen, your patients doing some crazy stuff.’ She gets this the next day after making that report,” said her attorney, Carl Varady, as he held up a copy of one of the notes his client received in 2011.

Harris says she had received two racist notes at work, one note had the ‘N’ word on it and another had a picture of hangman’s noose.

“It was just kind of that fear after that, especially not knowing exactly who did it,” she said.

Harris reported both incidents, and later requested the results of the investigation from Queen’s, but says she never received it.

“No one said it was wrong. No one said this is not acceptable,” she added.

Harris says she has asked for an apology from Queen’s, but still hasn’t received one.

“From start to finish Queen’s never apologized, never admitted liability.. tried to degrade and criticize,”Varady said. “In closing argument yesterday, all they had to say about her was she’s a liar don’t believe her.. but the jury heard otherwise.”

On Wednesday, the jury ruled in her favor. Harris was awarded $3.2 million in punitive damages, and another $630,000 dollars in general damages in the lawsuit against the Queen’s Medical Center. Her attorney, Varady says to his knowledge it’s one of the largest damage awards involving employment cases in state history.

“To hear a Hawaii jury say that was wrong .. That meant a lot to me.. more than anything,” Harris said.