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Chitters was supposed to be the family pet. Instead he joined the family in an unexpected way…

It started with a batch of pigs that were rescued.  A nice chinese family came in and adopted one of them. A few weeks later they adopted a second. Then a third.  A staffer decided to pay a visit to their home and what she saw made her sick. There on the counter was a whole roast pig.  They had been feeding their family for months on the animal rescue shelters around town.

“We solly we solly” said the new immigrants. They thought that the SPCA was some kind of free live animal government handout.

A week later a korean family adopted three of the shelter’s dogs.  When the staffers arrived for an impromptu visit to see how they were doing, they were shocked to find them neatly chopped up in their freezer.

“They are really good for noodle soup” said one family that wished to remain anonymous. They had been adopting pets from the Californian animal shelter for years before it was discovered that rather than love THEY ATE THEM ALL.

“Taste good. Price is good. What problem?” asked the couple confused.

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The Duncan branch of the SPCA had rescued 57 Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs from a hoarding situation. The Nanaimo branch nursed the pigs back to health. And in January, the Cowichan & District branch found a home for one of them, 3-year-old Molly.

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Oh Mr. Whiskers! How could this have happened?

But only weeks later, on Feb. 16, they were stunned to learn that instead of enjoying her new life with a caring family, Molly had been slaughtered by her owners and served for dinner.

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“First reaction I’d say was shock. Heartbreak. You know, all the animals that come through our care or branches we get attached to,” Nanaimo SPCA branch manager Leon Davis told CBC News.

So far no incidents of eating cat meat have come to light.

“Taste Stinky. Meat no good. Dog, Pig. Squirrel much better” said the chinese family.