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Meet Matilda. She’s only 12. And she’s been assigned to a repeat sex offender upon his release from prison. Although a doll, the creators – YouthDolls – assure us that she is fully capable of providing for all the felon’s needs.

“At first we were skeptical but several studies have found that pedophiles can never be cured. Our hope is that by providing them with a safe outlet for their urges we can teach them not to abuse children” explained Psychiatrist Bettia Johanson.

Some of the dolls are pre-teens and are used for offenders who seek out even younger children. And some of the felons actually were caught raping babies so appropriate dolls to deter them were created. With the waves of Hispanic immigrants who seem not to differentiate age in their rape victims, this new approach may be the solution to America’s endless illegal immigration.

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Jenny is only seven, but old enough for Big Al

Although illegal in Europe, the USA does not have any laws forbidding these creations.

“We are saving lives. For two or three thousand dollars we are protecting dozens of little girls from serial rapists. It’s a worthwhile trade considering the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to jail offenders.” said Psychologist Jan Regan



By why let youth have all the fun? With grandmothers getting raped byarabs and negros in record number, YouthDolls has created a special grandmother upgrade kit for those who suffer from progeriprognasia or inability to recognize sex partners of an appropriate age. This appears to common in most african and middle eastern men.

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