Plane disgusting... The man, reportedly from Bangladesh, makes himself at home aboard the packed Malindo Air Boeing 737-800The 20-year-old, reportedly from Bangladesh, shed his clothes, whipped out his laptop and began watching sex films shortly after the Malindo Air flight departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, according to local media

The man, said to be a student at a Malaysian university, initially put his clothes back on after being asked by cabin crew, the New Straits Times newspaper reports.

But he then tried to hug stewardesses while on his way to the toilet.

When his advances were rejected he is said to have become aggressive and attacked a stewardess.

Staff managed to pop a top on the man and tie him up so he would stop pleasuring himself

The cabin crew and passengers reportedly managed to tie him up with a piece of cloth and contained him for the rest of the flight, which was on Saturday. d the sex act on himself, according to another passenger quoted by The Sun Daily.

And he also urinated on his seat, according to Malaysian website Star Online.

There was no indication as to why he was acting strangely.

Sun Online has contacted the airline, a Malaysian subsidiary of an Indonesian company, for comment and is awaiting a reply.