He’s small and still weak but Kylie’s love child with black rapper Tygrah has emerged as the new sensation.

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Kylie is already back to 110 pounds of pure fitness just weeks after the birth. “I think he looks more like his daddy” said the erudite enchantress.


After seeing all my sisters with their men, Tygrah was the logical one for me!! laughed the starlet


Kylie has adopted a new CORNROW look to attract her black mate will skin blackkening be next? Why do the kardashians fuck black men? Is it lack of a father? Does not having a father in your life make you want to fuck negors? It’s hard to say, but for now, Kylie’s not having it any other way. Dating low IQ negros often leads to disaster. We will see. With all the money the government is pumping into sports teams and rapping, it’s quite easy to make negros part of the rich and famous sect for farting and pooping. Let’s see how long this lasts. It’s a propaganda front to push black culture by the Marxists who want to take over. Kylie is just their next unwitting victim. Cause nothing attracks hos more than cash.

Kylie Jenner's cornrows

this overprocessed idiot gibberish is worth millions? In negroid america it is.

“gonna go through da do  everything happening at the night show”