jakdA new product line called Cracker Jack’d, which began to get some buzz last November, launched Tuesday in convenience stores nationwide. The company is targeting younger customers, claiming they weren’t connecting with the old-timey caramel corn and peanut product.

“The product as it stands … isn’t relevant to them,” said Dave Skena, vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay. “Younger folks want more intense flavors and a wider variety of textures.”

“Damn bitch, I was like AIGHT? Deys Nuts Crunk!” said one gang banger.

“He’s the perfect candidate for the new multicultural consumer I mean, he’s got a pitbull for chrissake!” said food taster Debbie Hyman.

Cracker Jack’d will come in three different varieties: The Hangin Low Mix flavors have “clusters mixed with nuts,” with flavors like PB & Chocolate and Berry Yogurt, while the Grizzy Mix flavors, like Buffalo Ranch and Spicy Pizzeria, have “intense flavor and pack a powerful crunch.” Bust-a-Cap Clusters includes a salted caramel flavor with “sweet and salty popcorn.” Kickin Back Clusters are laced with Habanero for one swift kick in Yo Ass!

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Product Manager  Gordon  meets with snack focus group

“We see negros and hispanics as our new base consumers and we needed a product that appeals to them” said Gordon Davies, head of product innovations.

“What kind of snacks are you looking for?” asked Davies.

“Make it Dope, Make it Snap!” said one black mother.

“Salt and Sweet like KFC honey bbq. Hell YUH” said Darmeritus, a high school student.

“Can you cover them in little hoods like Hijabs?” asked a muslim woman.

“Jack a Cracker? Hell Yeuh I’ll Jack a Cracker!” said Puzzo angrily, as he munched into a bag of Berry Ho Flakes. “Dis not bad.. not bad at all” he muttered smiling.

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